The authentic Italian experience? Honeymoon in the South

Honeymoon 24 Jan 2020
The authentic Italian experience? Honeymoon in the South

Italy is romance, everybody knows it. All destinations are absolutely worth a visit, but there is a lot more than the usual iconic cities such as Venice, Rome or Florence. If you seriously are into La Dolce Vita without the crowds, southern Italy has hidden gems: in September it is warm and sunny, there are few tourists and the flights are cheaper.

1. Sicilia (Sicily) is a fusion of cultures and traditions and it surprises you with an amazing natural beauty, from the beaches to the Etna volcano. The special cuisine will enchant you: ask for arancini, cannoli, cassata, gelati, granite and all delicacies at intimate and characteristic bars and restaurants on the island. Don’t miss Taormina and the ancient Greek temples in Agrigento.

2. Puglia (Apulia) is where Elisabetta Polignano comes from. Her 100% Made in Italy creations come also from her childhood and experience in this land, which nurtured her creativity. Beaches are incredible here too. Spend your nights in a trullo and have dinner at a masseria… it will enrich your super romantic honeymoon! Don’t miss fresh focaccia, local Burrata cheese and the wine.

3. Calabria has amazing beaches, jaw-dropping views, medieval mountain top towns… as in most towns of South Italy, here are plenty of ancient sites and ruins everywhere. Experience the cheap, fresh grown locally food: hot peppers, black pig, spicy nduja, tartufo (a frozen ice cream dessert from Pizzo).