Elisabetta Polignano’s niece got married

Real wedding 26 Feb 2021
Elisabetta Polignano’s niece got married

Her name is Vittoria, just like her grandma’s and the Vittoria Collection by Elisabetta Polignano. We asked her how it is to be the niece of a successful wedding dress designer and she told us about family, love, commitment and celebration.

“My aunt is like another mom to me”, she says. “We talk every day, I tell her everything and I ask her for advice. She has been working hard since she was very young, she has a very strong personality”. Vittoria’s wedding dress by Elisabetta Polignano was perfectly tailored for her,  so that it fit perfectly with the season she got married in and with her body’s shape.

In fact the bride is also a mother-to-be and her perfect round belly was honored by our designer’s wise touch. “Out of the original model with shorts, she created pants and made the skirt less voluminous”, says Vittoria. “She also added a sash with a nice bow and a flower on the belly”. “That’s one of the many perks of the authentic Made in Italy”, she adds. We cannot agree more. 

Photo Credit: Viviana Iacovelli