That red string of love

Real wedding 12 Dec 2018
That red string of love

Lauren and Matthew have known each other for more than ten years but they were just friends for most of that time. “I knew he was the one, he just didn’t know yet!” Lauren says. Their fairy-tale story goes long back and beyond, as two souls meant to be together, no matter how long it takes…

Matthew’s proposal says it all. Living apart, since Lauren was in Florida and Matt in Kansas on a military base, on that special day she flew to Kansas and arrived at Matt’s place. “I showed up and there was a note on the door, ’please open and follow the red string’.” The red string is part of a Chinese tradition: also referred to as the Red Thread of Fate, the two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time or circumstances.

Even though you’re apart for years, you’re still connected to the string” Lauren explains. By following that red thread (and a cute note on each turn!) Lauren found her Matt and his shirt read ‘Lauren will you marry me?’. “I couldn’t stop smiling all day. He made me feel like the only girl in the world.” And they did get married, last September in Tallahassee, Florida, at Alfred Mclay Gardens State Park.

A persistent rain hit the event but everyone was calm and happy, despite the weather. The bridesmaids in tomato red and Lauren’s mom in fuchsia, colored umbrellas and her wet prince waiting for her: a rainbow of happiness, making the occasion even more special. “I knew he would love the dress!”, Lauren confesses that Matthew usually doesn’t like bridal gowns, but this one enchanted him.

The one and only wedding dress perfectly fitting Lauren’s personality (and Matt’s taste!) came up after lots of dresses she had tried on at Dimitra’s in Chicago: a Made in Italy creation, from the 2018 Collection by Elisabetta Polignano. “When I put it on, I thought ‘this is the one!’”. Four layers of the finest sheer and lace, a partially see-through dress, soft and romantic.“Throughout the wedding many of my engaged friends said ‘I thought I knew the wedding dress I wanted until I saw yours!’. It gave the crowd an idea of whom I am. The dress really tells a story… Thank you Elisabetta, your designs are brilliant!”

Photo: Jennifer Powell