2019 Bride, be yourself and shine with Yoga

Style & Beauty tips 22 Oct 2018
2019 Bride, be yourself and shine with Yoga

You are walking down the aisle and wearing your perfect dress (of course, it is a creation by Elisabetta Polignano, so it was tailored on your body and personality!). You are shining through your emotions, beautiful and strong in your regal, authentic presence.

That’s the point, girls! Radiance is not only a matter of beauty, it is especially your essence, your soul glowing from each cell of you. For her 2019 collection Elisabetta Polignano was inspired by the strength and authenticity of all women, that great energy of love that comes from within. That is your best introduction as a bride!

Of course your skin gives you a great entrée, together with the dress. So let’s start taking care of your pretty face, but don’t forget the most important baseline of it all. Yes, of course you should scrub once or twice a week, apply beauty masks and moisturize like crazy… but did you know there’s a special boost you can add?

From Yoga comes the most natural effective way to get pinky, healthy cheeks and show your brightness. There are many breath techniques in the yogic traditions, it is called pranayama, the science of breathing. A simple one? Make your breath long and deep, focusing on both inhaling and exhaling equally. When we breath consciously, we get calmer, brighter and more centered.

In case your skin often shows blemishes, there is a technique called Sitali Pranayama: it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s an ultimate quick fix when skin flares up. Inhale through a curled and extended tongue, exhale through the nose. It works because it is also a gentle liver cleanser and it aids the digestion!

According to the teachings, constance gives the reward: if you never skip your practice, even with only three minutes a day of these techniques, you might be able to see the benefits within three weeks.

Anyways, practicing yoga slows the aging process, helps you sleep more deeply, brings calm and relaxation… so it’s always worth a try, wedding day already planned or not!