A summer wedding dress for your winter marriage

Style & Beauty tips 15 May 2020
A summer wedding dress for your winter marriage

Sounds weird? Not at all: you can easily turn the summer dress you have chosen into a wonderful winter one. An Italian designer is always able to arrange details with great creativity and adaptability: Elisabetta Polignano recently said this in an interview.

The dresses can be transformed and adapted” she claimed. Her focus is always on following each woman’s body and personality, of course. Then come the experienced designer’s tricks: different color options, original and brilliant add-ons, that beautiful coat or shrug which perfectly completes the ensemble… There is no limit to creativity.

When you choose an authentic Elisabetta Polignano wedding dress, you also get the 100% Made in Italy top quality and that personalized care that both allow you to dream in any season you decide to get married.