Bridezilla? I don’t think so.

Style & Beauty tips 14 Jan 2019
Bridezilla? I don’t think so.

You are a relaxed, radiant, centered woman who is going to get married. No one should say you have become terrifying since your engagement. We want to help you stay cool and calm, so here is a list of don’ts that any bride-to-be should look at when her wedding day is close.

DON’T be obsessed with the ‘perfect’ wedding
Not anything on a magazine should become part of your marriage. Sometimes we want everything to be more, bigger, better… and we forget the real sense of all. Focus on your fiancé, on your love for each other. Plus, remember that you’re on a budget!

DON’T talk about the wedding all the time
Your friend asks you the simple question “So, how are the wedding plans going?” and before she knows it, she’s listening to a 10-minute monologue on why white lilies are so much better than white roses. Next time someone asks about your wedding plans, cut to the chase.

DON’T engage in extreme diets
Some women start spending a lot of time at the gym and drastically curb their eating, close to their wedding day. It’s unhealthy: extreme dieting may help you drop pounds, but it’s bad for your skin and hair and your energy will low.

DON’T fight with your parents
It is huge for your parents too. You’re not a child anymore, but you’re still their child: your wedding triggers their emotions. Try to not fight with your mother over anything related to the big day. Just keep calm and gentle, everything will be ok.