Curvy is sexy! Let your wedding dress tell

Style & Beauty tips 12 Oct 2018
Curvy is sexy! Let your wedding dress tell

Stop right there! Don’t even think this is about finding some way to make you look beautiful in your dress… You already are beautiful, lady! It’s just about what fits you perfectly, following your curves in the most elegant and precious way.

Elisabetta Polignano personally designs the wedding dress that is perfect for you, according to your body and personality. As Elisabetta herself always reminds all next-to-be brides, the first rule is: flaws don’t exist at all! Our female body is perfect the way it is. All its characteristics make us unique.

That is why a tailored wedding dress by Elisabetta Polignano is unique too: there is one and only you, one and only bridal gown that works perfectly with you. So here are some tips, meant not to hide your curves, but to show them instead with elegance, balance and grace.

If your body is gloriously abundant, focus on your magnificent breast: valorize the décolleté! Avoid skimpy outfits and aim at lightening your shape instead.
Volumes and overlapping are a no-no for you wedding dress! Better choose weightless fabrics that create an illusion of transparency: be aware that only the most precious textiles really adapt to the lines of your body! Elisabetta Polignano’s creations are 100% Made in Italy and she selects only the most precious fabrics and materials, that’s a must if you want the perfect outcome.

Another piece of advice to valorize your body shape in case you’re not perfectly satisfied with your waist size? Find the perfect balance with slenderizing cuts, for example asymmetrical cuts and bardot necklines. It will valorize your strong points without making you feel awkward.

It’s all about you: it’s your special day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress while looking gorgeous as you are. So here we come to the ultimate tip: don’t fake it, don’t change your personality. Just be yourself, fabulous as you are. The dress just tells who you are.