How to detox and balance if you had too much sugar

Style & Beauty tips 26 Apr 2019
How to detox and balance if you had too much sugar

Hope you had a great spring break and Easter Day! Did the rabbit bring you chocolate? Let’s be honest, not only kids love the sweet traditions that come with this holiday. If you had too much chocolate though, don’t feel guilty and help your body detox a little instead.

After all, it’s good to enjoy life and chocolate. If you eat extra dark chocolate, in any case, it’s not that bad since it is rich in magnesium and iron. Of course you should never exaggerate… dark chocolate itself is not that good if you want to relax and get rid of that headache you have been dealt with.

Why? Chocolate is like coffee, because cocoa contains caffeine. Most of the time headaches are due to body tension: if you charge your nervous system with such stimulating substances it will get worse.

If you did have too many treats these days then, consider a whole day of detox. Drink plain water and herbal infusions only, to get rid of toxins and cleanse your organs. Stay home if possible during this time, so that you can go with the flow without forcing your body to do anything else than relax.