Get ready for the fall season with aromatherapy

Style & Beauty tips 4 Sep 2018
Get ready for the fall season with aromatherapy

The hot season is vanishing and the first rains have started already. It is the prelude to winter and all experts recommend to regenerate now our physical and psychic energies, detox and find balance.

Essential oils help to face the change, regain strength and be peaceful, by acting on the nervous system through smell. So dramatically important for the next-to-be bride! You just need to choose the right essences to get specific results.

Days are getting shorter and many people might feel sad, anxious and worried in front of all the errands they have to run or because they are back to office life. In this case bergamot is always a bright remedy: a few drops in the diffuser will do the job. Bergamot cheers you up and reduces tension, sadness and bad mood. It also promotes socialization and contrasts laziness, it makes you feel more active and positive to face the infamous Monday mornings.

As holidays are an old memory by now, stress might hit soon. Mother Nature comes at your rescue: derived from the resin of the tropical South American tree, Copaiba essential oil has a mild woodsy, sweet scent. It is a balm for the psyche, it calms you down and – hear up, ladies! – it also helps to tighten skin and reduce stretch marks! Copaiba essential oil is great for body massages, your partner will benefit too. Just please remember to always dilute essential oils – including Copaiba – in carrier oils such as almond or jojoba, and consult your physician if pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care.

What if you have a very special date with your fiancé in these first days of fall and the night before you stayed out late with your besties and had a glass of wine too much? First of all, remember to always tell yourself how beautiful you are, no matter the bags under the eyes! Then yes, use your new beauty secret: neroli essential oil is the oil of beauty and charm par excellence. It is named after the Sicilian princess Nerola, who loved its scent so much that she used it both on herself and in all her mansion’s rooms. A royal recipe? Fill a little ceramic bowl with warm water, put only one drop of neroli, immerse a towel until it absorbs all the solution, squeeze lightly and lay it on your face for a couple of minutes. It will make your face brighter and your skin smooth, soft and tonic.

And you, princess, what is your favorite scent? Embrace the fall season with a positive attitude and be the brightest bride ever!