Happy hairstyle, happy holidays!

Style & Beauty tips 20 Dec 2019
Happy hairstyle, happy holidays!

Christmas is coming and the New Year is almost there. There are many ways and traditions to celebrate. We just wish you the best time with your dear ones and, in the meanwhile, we share some ideas for your 2020 bridal hairstyle.

1. Good old vintage
It is an evergreen, you can’t never go wrong with a retro beehive hairstyle. Perfect to match with a fresh, graceful wedding dress made of voile and tulle. Such as the Vision Collection by Elisabetta Polignano.

2. Chic and easy
In 2020 you will see a lot of messy buns! This bridal hairstyle is the new trend, celebrities adore it. It is classic, but it brings your creativity and originality out: check the EP Classic Collection to get the same mood in a wedding dress.

3. Beach waves
This hairstyle trend keeps up in 2020 from this past year: hair down in soft waves, better if enlightened with balayage. Consider headbands with flowers or sparkles. Let your inner child have fun, as it happens in a wedding dress from the Haute Couture EP Elisabetta Polignano line.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our dear brides! See you in 2020.