How to be yourself as a bride

Style & Beauty tips 25 Mar 2019
How to be yourself as a bride

When it comes to marriage, it might be easy to stumble upon unwanted advice or mere instructions to follow in order to get the best nuptials ever. In a few points, here are some little reminders to help you focus on what really matters.

1. Don’t let anyone decide for you
It doesn’t mean that you have to fight with your mother over any little detail of your wedding reception, as it frequently happens. You should be the director though: make your relatives and friends help, but gently put your foot down. Your happiness will make everyone who loves you happy too.

2. You know yourself better than anyone
Nobody will take offense, if you gently and kindly remind them that you like the way you are. When you deal with experts, you can decide on your own about your bridal hair-do, make-up and wedding dress. Being professionals means they will give you advice, but above all they will listen to your desires. This is what Elisabetta Polignano does for her brides, she perfectly dresses not only their body but also their personality.

3. Go with the flow, not with the schedule
A burned-out bride is not a happy bride: give yourself what you deserve. Your marriage is not about getting everything in place at the perfect time: you just need your spouse to be there in time! Trendy, fun, romantic scenarios are great, and you can have someone take care of that. Just remember to focus on you and you beloved.

All this may sound obvious now, but it is easy to forget when we are under stress because of all the dates and appointments and stuff. You are a powerful, sensitive, strong woman. Just know yourself and go with it especially in the most important events of your life.

Involve your partner so that you are both aligned on this: you could even arrange a romantic getaway before the wedding to get some fresh air and arrive at your wedding day more relaxed.