How to shift from a summer wedding to a winter wedding

Style & Beauty tips 17 Apr 2020
How to shift from a summer wedding to a winter wedding

As Covid-19 continues to alter life around the globe, many couples have to postpone their wedding day. If you are mulling over the idea of switching from a spring or summer wedding to a fall or winter wedding, don’t be afraid: it is not that mind-boggling to make changes to the overall look and mood of the day.

Industry experts reassure that summertime brides who are landing on a winter wedding can still bring the outside inside and decorate a room appropriately. You can swap or add in a few little things to create a design that hints at the light and airy spring wedding you had planned. “If you were having a neutral color palette with greenery” says the wedding planner Keri Ketterer Walter in an interview for Boston Magazine, “you can easily pivot that into a ‘winter white’ theme. Or you can add in some accent colors – such as dusty rose, burgundy, or hunter green – to deepen the palette”.

In a recent interview, Elisabetta Polignano has reassured all brides-to-be who have already bought one of her summer wedding dresses. “All my creations can be customized” she said. “It doesn’t take much to make the dress suitable for the winter season. Indeed, with some accessories specially created it will be like having multiple clothes in one”. Some ideas? “A bouclé coat” the stylist replies. “A very elegant arrival, and the dress will be even more of a surprise. Images of great actresses wrapped in precious stoles come into my mind”.