Let the bride within you blossom

Style & Beauty tips 15 Oct 2018
Let the bride within you blossom

Flowers are special guests on your special day. Both for the wedding bouquet and the decoration of the environment, they should be chosen according to the season. About the bouquet, Elisabetta Polignano always suggests to coordinate it with the dress – not with the other flowers for the decoration – and to keep it balanced, nothing excessive.

What flowers? The most classic choice goes with the queen of all, the rose. Other traditional bouquets are made with orchids, anthuriums, lilies, gerbera daisies. Of course the season you chose when to get married will push you into specific directions: sunflowers, daisies, lavender, hydrangeas, colored callas are for summer and autumn. White callas, peonies, carnations, camellias, tulips, lilies of the valley, peach blossoms, lilacs, hyacinths, irises, freesias are for winter and spring.

Get to know also the symbolism and meaning of flowers, so that you know what you are telling about. Rose is of course a symbol of love, beauty, perfection. Camellias are for eternal devotion between lovers and show commitment to face any challenge in the name of love. The iris talks about faith and hope but also wishes a good start to anyone who is about to begin something important.

As for decoration, just remember: pale colors in spring and summer, more vivid colors in autumn and winter, because natural light runs low. Also, it is very important that the flowers don’t smell too much, because it would annoy your guests especially at the banquet!

You might even consider specific essential oils to wear, something very delicate that reveals your personality with discretion and elegance. Rose essential oil is magic if properly used: one drop diluted in 10ml of water will suffice (it is kinda expensive!) and you can spray it over yourself to smell like a queen.