Three mindful tips for a smart wedding registry

Style & Beauty tips 14 Jan 2016
Three mindful tips for a smart wedding registry

Some people say one of the funniest thing of getting married is receiving the gifts of a lifetime without regret. Do you agree with this? Whereas we hope you get anything you and your spouse most wish, we are also here to help with a few tips to fill your wedding registry the smartest way possible. A little mindfulness is key to whole-hearted choices!


Of course nobody wants to have a full stack of china when you both already have all the most creative, fun and adorable kitchen full of the cutest kitchenware on earth. At the same time, nobody feels comfortable with giving gifts to a hipster bridezilla with very obscure tastes and needs. Guide your gift givers. It doesn’t mean you have to *wink wink* and *hint-hint* at every possible shop window you see when you’re just out for coffee. However, a bit of sincere and open hearted statements of what you surely don’t need and don’t like is of great help.


Don’t rush into your choices: it will save you from forgetting any item you and your spouse do truly need. At the same time, don’t procrastinate too long: over-browsing and overthinking on your secret Pinterest wedding board won’t save you from the moment in which you have to make a concrete choice. Just consider what you must have and what you just might not really use today and in the near future and take your time: calm is your best friend, never forget that!


Sometimes stores have traditional or pre-filled wedding lists available. Be true to yourself when you’re filling yours: if there’s anything you don’t like or that doesn’t really suit your lifestyle in ready-made lists, just state with yourself and don’t lower your standards. Try to make your list fit with your and your spouse’s personalities: are you risk takers? Are you creative? Are you lazy? Do you change your tastes often in time? Consider all of these aspects before signing up for a cookie-cutter registry you definitely don’t feel comfortable with.

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