4 Golden Rules for ultrashiny wedding hair

Style & Beauty tips 18 Feb 2019
4 Golden Rules for ultrashiny wedding hair

Shinier hair means healthier hair and you definitely want to show off at your wedding with eye-catching locks. How can you do that? Here are some easy tips.

1. Eat right
Essential fatty acids make your hair shinier. You don’t have to apply them on your hair, you have to eat foods that are rich in omega3! Increase your intake of salmon, walnuts, avocado and flaxseed.

2. Shampoo less
Shampooing every day stresses your hair and makes it dry, so start to skip days in between washings. Also, if you have dry hair consider to use natural oils such as coconut oil before your shower: after washing it up, your hair will be luscious.

3. Condition more
Conditioning treatments really enhance the shine. You can apply a conditioner after the shampoo or consider to finish with a deep-conditioning mask.

4. Fight Frizz
Frizzy hair is the opposite of luster. Use a microfiber towel after you wash your hair and prefer silk pillowcases rather than cotton: both things contain hair wilderness.

Source: Brides.com