There’s no doubt who’ll wear the trousers

Style & Beauty tips 13 Sep 2019
There’s no doubt who’ll wear the trousers

In a healthy relationship both partners are equally involved, one shouldn’t dominate the other. When it comes to fashion though, well, that’s different. Wedding trousers and jumpsuits have grown to be a modern style statement for brides who want to surprise and stand out. Are you the independent kind? This will tease you then.

Elisabetta Polignano has designed these glamorous, stylish and unconventional outfits for her 2020 Collection. “In the UK, the rise in the popularity of wedding trousers coincides with the rise of registry office ceremonies, where brides are more likely to experiment with their look” reads The Guardian.

Some brides choose both trousers and a dress, so they can have something more traditional for the ceremony and a jumpsuit to dance at the wedding party. What about women who want to surprise but don’t feel like wearing trousers? Check the Gala Collection, a selection of innovative and elegant clothes that can be comfortably reused at other events.