Winter weddings: dreamy fabrics and long sleeves

Style & Beauty tips 11 Dec 2020
Winter weddings: dreamy fabrics and long sleeves

If you dream of getting married when there’s a chill in the air, a winter wedding dress is essential. Either you plan an outdoors setting among the snowflakes or a warm gathering inside with a holiday theme, there is the perfect wedding dress for you.

A long-sleeve gown with necklines on the back, special asymmetries, sequins and Chantilly lace are spectacular, if you’re the type to keep things classics but unique. For bohemian sensibilities, tulle and chiffon are divine fabrics and playing on transparencies creates surprise and delight, lightening a long-sleeve gown up. For the most eclectic brides, haute couture never disappoints: plumetis, glitter, hand-embroidered details make a winter wedding dress exquisitely airy.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and unique in your tailored wedding dress. Handmade tailored wedding dresses are possible when it comes to the authentic Made in Italy. Each garment is unique and perfectly fits the bride’s body and personality. Any change can be conceived, accordingly to your shape and taste: Elisabetta Polignano, always designing transformable dresses, personally gives her precious tips to get the perfect outcome. And if you’re cold, there’s always the possibility to match a chic coat or shawl.