3 fab summer destinations for honeymoon

Honeymoon 7 Jun 2019
3 fab summer destinations for honeymoon

June to August tends to be the most popular travel time for newlyweds: maybe because many brides choose to get married in May, the month of all marriages par excellence. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon on marvelous islands, where to enjoy the beaches, the wild nature and the sea, consider these beautiful destinations.

1. CROATIA. Honeymooning here gives you the opportunity of adventures and romance at every turn. The islands around Hvar are jaw-dropping, don’t miss the chance. Visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, filled with crystalline lakes and waterfalls. If you’re more into urban exploration, choose the vibrant city of Split or the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik.

2. FRENCH POLINESIA. Whale-watching season is right now, you might have the opportunity to see the whales breaching from the shores of Moorea. Most honeymooners travel from Tahiti to Moorea to Bora Bora. Off the beaten path there is the remote Rangiroa, where world-class scuba diving is offered.

3. SARDINIA. There is a reason why it is called ‘Costa Smeralda’ (Emerald Coast): you will fall in love with the deep green hue of the Mediterranean sea. Have a candlelit dinner in an outdoor cafe, a pure Italian experience filled with romance and tradition.