New York crazy in love with the ‘Rock Couture’

Web Series 16 Nov 2018
New York crazy in love with the ‘Rock Couture’

“There are journeys that are done with a single baggage: the heart” said Audrey Hepburn, and it is the perfect opening to tell you a love story. It is all about a wonderful experience we want to share with you: the big return of Elisabetta Polignano to NYC for the showcase of her 2019 Collections. Not only she dedicated these new creations to all great women like you, she also launched a very special Capsule collection

“I have always been in love with New York – Elisabetta reveals – with her grit, with her dynamism, with her inexhaustible energy, with her modernity. It’s a city that always inspires you, it always enriches you. It is a magic place that always looks ahead, a special stage where dreams play the starring role”. This time everything took off from an authentic “Italian experience”, conceived to celebrate the excellence of her Made in Italy in front of the world.

An exclusive appointment, hosted in the heart of Manhattan at ‘Domenico Vacca Club’, during the Bridal Fashion Week. Here begins our journey made of emotions and discovery, conceived to get to the essence of your dream, to be achieved with the choice of the dress that will make you feel unique on your most beautiful day

It was conceived as an exclusive event, addressed to the international press. “We immediately felt a great complicity and welcome. A widespread joy was in the air from the beginning – Elisabetta continues -, so I had the idea of bringing the models outside, to share all that beauty with the city that was hosting me. We thought of starting the journey from one of the most iconic spots in New York, the Grand Central Terminal, place of arrivals and departures, always in pursuit of deep emotions…”

New York city knows how to talk to everyone. It has always been a cultural melting pot, an exciting and dynamic reality. “New trends and cultural revolutions start from here – the stylist claims -. That is why I felt it would be appropriate to honor the prestigious Public Library, so I chose it to be part of our tour…”

In a climax of emotions, it felt like home to our travelers. Not a surprise, since NYC is part of anyone somehow, even who visits for the first time. “It feels like being surrounded by a sense of belonging, a sense of familiarity – Elisabetta Polignano adds -. So we took a stroll, we walked for a long time, as if those streets so full of life and faces were our own, as if they belonged to us since ever. In return we were gifted with so many smiles, expressions of authentic astonishment. People’s eyes lit up when seeing all those fabulous dresses that looked like fluctuating…”

Then, some pampering time spontaneously came, while sitting at a bar table. The mild temperatures of the fall season in New York make you want to relax outside. “So I proposed my girls to stop by at Bryant Park. We had a little talk between friends and, as every time I travel, again I realized with feeling and wonder how all women in the world bond over the dream of their most beautiful day…”

Finally, as in any fairy tale worthy of its name, the grand finale: Central Park, the apple of New York’s eye, worldwide known. “Here I felt the call from an impetuous and lively nature, typical of this place that is considered the heart of the Big Apple, a jewel nestled in between its architectures and skyscrapers, majestic and necessary. Here I strongly felt the heartbeat of New York and I said goodbye. Magnificent fresco, brilliant shared dream… See you soon, my beloved city! Thank you for all you gave me and I will bring with me, so that I can pass it on to my future brides. Adoringly yours, Elisabetta.