3 ideas for a playful wedding party in spring

Wedding Planning 6 Mar 2020
3 ideas for a playful wedding party in spring

Childhood nostalgia is taking over spring weddings this year. When it comes to vows of course we want to be reverent, but the post-ceremony party can be all fun and games. So here are some wedding themes among the 2020 top trends, for brides who want to have fun.


Think balloon installations and confetti cannons. Serve childhood favorites like mac’n’cheese and Rice Krispie treats as late-night snacks. Theme your Photo Booth after Marvel superheroes. You want a wedding dress inspired by the elements of nature and by a lighthearted childhood to fully live the experience.


Neon lights and 3-D projections. Iridescent glassware on the tabletops. Glow sticks. Yes, you can combine traditional elements with futuristic contrasts. Choose a romantic, elegant wedding dress that makes you feel traditional but with a renewed daintiness.


Overflowing greenery, potted trees, flower walls and hanging floral installations. Spring is in the air and wherever else you want it to be. You can take this idea to the tabletops, your confections and your dress too.

Source: brides.com