3 tips for a timeless wedding-day look

Wedding Planning 22 May 2020
3 tips for a timeless wedding-day look

You want a bridal style that stands the test of time: from the wedding theme to your wedding dress, the right choices won’t make you regret a thing in the next decades. Here, three tips on how to create the perfect timeless look for your special day.

  1. ‘THE’ DRESS. With so many options, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect dress that will feel classic for many years to come. You can never go wrong with a white gown and a romantic veil, but always remember that each woman is unique: your wedding dress should fit both your body and personality, as Elisabetta Polignano’s creations.
  1. VINTAGE LOVE. Blending old with new is a timeless solution: vintage wedding is one of the most romantic themes. For the wedding dress, you can either reinforce this style or play the contrast card for balance: gossamer voile and tulle will lend the classic tone, or you can choose a colorful convertible dress so that you can cover the ceremony and also have fun at the reception.
  1. DECOS AND MATERIALS. Traditional wedding elements are evergreen: a tall, tiered cake and classic place settings and gold-rimmed glassware will do the job. Combine everything with an eternal wedding dress: pay attention to the fabrics and be aware that 100% Made in Italy is a guarantee for lasting top quality.