3 tips for a beach wedding that goes off without a hitch

Wedding Planning 7 Feb 2020
3 tips for a beach wedding that goes off without a hitch

Are you planning a destination celebration or saying your vows on a sandy spot close to home? Either way, beach weddings are memorable and unique. Here’s some tips to arrange one without issues.


Choose a location based on your wedding style. Resorts might be the priciest option, but vastly less stressful. If you choose a public beach, act early if you want to reserve a section of the beach for your wedding. Private beaches offer seclusion and possibly fewer regulations, but look into permit fees, container laws and clean-up charges.


You might consider a wedding at a beach that is far from home and make an elopement out of it. You will be on vacation with your family and friends. It’s a good idea to take a trip there, in advance, to check out in person before committing to any venue that fits your style, party size and budget.


Choose a gown made of lightweight fabric, you might want to consider bridal jumpsuits and trousers instead of ball gowns. And remember, it could be windy: a long veil and long hair could get blown into your face.