A fabulous wedding, to infinity and beyond

Wedding Planning 2 Nov 2018
A fabulous wedding, to infinity and beyond

From the Halloween scary outfit of last days we move to a different kind of costumes here. There is magic and it is all about the fairy-tale wedding you have always been dreaming about. In this case, it is literally a fairy-tale…

We’re talking about Disney Weddings. If you are a princess marrying your Prince Charming then you might be interested in having your big day planned at a Disney theme park. As of today in the US you will find Disney World in California, Florida and Hawaii but they also have cruise lines, together with resorts and parks abroad.

So what it’s like to get married in Magic Kingdom? It might sound childish or cheesy but maybe this is a prejudice. “It’s definitely an adult event and they make it an adult event” says Anne Chertoff, a WeddingWire trend expert. “They don’t want it to be like you’re just playing dress-up.”

How does it work? There are multiple wedding packages with a set of options you can choose from. Basic elements are a Disney wedding planner who will personally take care of you, bouquets, boutonnieres, musicians and the wedding cake with champagne. You can also get a limo service and of course the photo opportunities are huge in such a magic place: a photographer and photo album are also included in the basic package.

You can choose your favorite Disney music for your bridal party and even to walk down the aisle. One of the top romantic choices? Violins playing “Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast as you get down from the carriage. As for the menu, there are many typical treats that are considered a hit in the parks.

What if you are on a budget? You don’t need to be Cruella de Vil to afford it. The parks offer a range of prices, including small-scale ceremonies. Apparently there is a Disney Wedding for any pocket, it can also be an intimate ceremony if you want to keep it simple. “The happiest place on Earth” is crowded in the weekends, so maybe you want to choose the middle of the week to plan your special day: that means lower prices too.

…and they lived happily ever after.

Photo credit: Michael Gray
Sources: Washington Post and disneyweddings.com