How to make your guests feel VIP

Wedding Planning 22 Apr 2019
How to make your guests feel VIP

When it comes to share your special day with the people you love, you want everybody to be as happy as you are. Here are three ideas to entertain your guests and also make them feel a very important part of the celebration.

1. Ring warming
This is a beautiful way to make both the spouses and all guests feel that the wedding really is a celebration of love to share with people you love. It involves your wedding rings: all guests during the ritual will hold them in their hands and pass them on. That’s why the rings will be warm when they arrive to the bride and groom. Isn’t it heartwarming too?

2. Portrait
Are you planning boutonnières for your guests? This year wedding planners have been very clear about this: make it personal. Guests should leave holding something that really will always remind them about you guys and your special day. Hire a caricaturist and let your guests ask him for a portrait that they will bring back home as a gift from you.

3. Flash mob
Yes, even at a wedding party you can arrange something like this to definitely surprise your spouse. Here comes the fun part where your guests are involved: you and some of the people you love, chosen among friends and relatives who would like the idea, will dance for your spouse. Of course you will have everything organized in advance.

Here we had talked about these and other ideas to entertain your guests. Enjoy!