Yes, I do(g): how to include Fido in weddings

Wedding Planning 1 Feb 2019
Yes, I do(g): how to include Fido in weddings

If you and your groom are in puppy love, why not let your furry friend be a member of the bridal party? Your Fido can be the ring bearer, the flower girl, the best man or maid of honor. Here are some ideas.

Dress them up.
Your best buddy should look just as elegant as the rest of the gang celebrating with you at your wedding party. Consider bow-ties and tuxedos for boys, floral collars and tutus for girls.

Say cheese.
On your special day a few shots should include your sweet pooch. Hold him or her and smile together. So cute!

A bundle of love.
Swap flowers for a furball! Bridesmaids could carry him or her instead of bouquets down the aisle.

Delicatessen for pups.
Your cutie deserves to dine in style too. At the reception, you can set up a miniature table where to serve exquisite dog food.

Also, think wedding dog sitters: their job is to take care of your best friend at your bridal reception and make sure that he has a good time while giving you complete peace of mind.

Photo credit: Analisa Joy Photography