How to keep kids busy at your wedding

Wedding Planning 18 Jan 2019
How to keep kids busy at your wedding

Many brides and grooms want little ones to be part of their special day. If you are planning to host them at your reception, be aware that you need to keep them occupied though. It will be truly appreciated by your guests, especially their parents!

Wedding planners have lots of cute ideas. First of all, a sitter is highly recommended. Find one who is creative, engaging and enthusiastic, so that the kids will be happy with her. She will give them a schedule of activities.

Speaking of which, kids get bored very easily: you want to make sure that they are involved in fun events, not only playing with some toy that after a few minutes they will leave behind. A treasure hunt is a nice idea, it really keeps kids occupied so they won’t whine to be brought back to their parents. Of course you’ll have to check with the venue first.

As for dinner, there should be something dedicated to them: arts-and-crafts kids tables are largely used for the occasion. A white paper covering the table is perfect for them to draw and color while eating, for example. You can also give them a gift bag with crayons and coloring books, puzzles, colored modeling clay, and so on. Of course you will make sure that everything is appropriate for the ages of the kids that are attending.