Last minute marriage? Choose essentials and Made in Italy

Wedding Planning 10 Apr 2020
Last minute marriage? Choose essentials and Made in Italy

It happens: some couples decide to get married and arrange their wedding day immediately after their engagement. Sometimes, as we are seeing it is happening during this tough period of COVID-19, it is mandatory to postpone the date: but what if your special day is planned in the summer and you are still hoping to make it? Then you are looking at a last minute marriage.

You can have your dream wedding day even if you don’t get every single detail of what you had planned. Decide what is most important to you, set a budget you can stick to and consult your vendors so that everything is clear from the beginning and you won’t have bad surprises. Keywords are flexibility and compromise: give that elaborate centerpiece up and choose the essentials.

What about the wedding dress? You’d better find a designer you can really trust, so that everything comes up perfect even if arranged in a short time. 100% Made in Italy is what you’re looking for: top quality textiles are precious and follow your shape perfectly. Plus, an Italian designer is always able to arrange what is best for you in the blink of an eye, with great creativity and adaptability. Like Elisabetta Polignano’s creations, which always have that distinctive detail that makes the difference and dress both the bride’s body and personality.