How to plan a wedding with your child

Wedding Planning 11 Feb 2019
How to plan a wedding with your child

If you’re already a parent when you get hitched, of course you want to organize your dream child-friendly wedding. With a bit of a prep, the right attitude and some props, you can include all your bundles of joys into your wedding day.

How old is he or she?
The first thing to consider is your child’s age: infants can’t really do that much… Think flower girl or ring bearer. What if they’re still clumsy, on their little legs? Just have someone pull him or her down the aisle in a wagon or hold their hands while walking towards mommy and daddy.

Terrible two… four… six
If your child is a toddler or bigger and he or she is wonderfully active, just celebrate together: the more the joy, the happier the day! Of course she can be the ring bearer and walk angelically down the aisle, but what if she gets bored easily or she’s not someone you can hold still more than a couple of seconds? Give her a more including role in the prep then: if you’re not on a deadline, turn it into an arts and crafts session and she will help you make all those tissue paper pompoms.

Plan your child’s schedule
Weddings=a very long day. If you are a two year old, trips to toilet are going to be meaningful. So, while you’re organizing your own timings, considerate your child’s needs. Feeds matter too: warn the caterer in case you plan to heat up baby food and have a friend or relative taking care of that when it’s time during the day.

Become a recruiter
Don’t hold back and choose a relative or friend who wouldn’t mind looking after your baby on the day. It should be someone your child knows and trusts. Of course you’re still including your little one: pose together for the pics, you can hold her if she’s a newborn while getting married or have her there with you guys at the altar if she’s older. After all, you’re family, and getting married involves her big time!