How to organize your sustainable wedding

Wedding Planning 8 Apr 2015
How to organize your sustainable wedding

After you choose the bridal gown, get into the hot zone of your wedding planning. If you love to be kind to nature and you’re keen on a healthy lifestyle, here are some tips to make your special day hyper green and to make you a proud organizer of a very sustainable wedding.

First of all, choose intimacy: with few guests, not only will you be able to dedicate more quality time to your beloved ones during your wedding, but you’ll be also able to release fewer carbon emissions. For the menu and the rsvp cards, choose recycled paper, in rice or hemp. You might also like to create a website dedicated to your wedding, so that your guests can be updated anytime.

Make sure your celebrations will be set during daylight times, so that you can save on electricity. Yes to all the celebrations set in a location that’s close to the one of the ceremony (if not the same), so that you can walk (or bike, why not?) from one place to the other.

What about the rings? We suggest ethical gold that doesn’t exploit labor in any part of the world and doesn’t pollute. Some ideas for the bonbonnieres could vary from tiny vases of herbs and spices, to little jars of homemade jam or honey, or any other little organic sweet you may like. Choose ethically grown flowers for your bouqet and for the decorations of your location, tables, and tableau.

Speaking of bonbonnieres, fair trade choices sound great too. Also a donation to a non-profit organization could be a great, sustainable idea. Think of a green menu too, with fresh and local fruits and vegetables.

A sustainable wedding will let you save lots of money: if not on the whole foods (which, we know, are not cheap), definitely on the electricity, on the print paper, on the transportation and on the decorations. The money you save could be invested in a sustainable honeymoon: maybe you could travel by train (thus saving up in CO2!) and choosing a lovely, eco-friendly hotel.