Aromatherapy for a warm and happy Christmas

Style & Beauty tips 21 Dec 2018
Aromatherapy for a warm and happy Christmas

Everything is ready: gifts, decorations and the Christmas tree, of course. You have even planned the dinner, collecting all ideas from your family tradition or from the web. You haven’t thought of what is pivotal though: creating a warm welcome into your home that smells like Christmas spirit.

These holidays are an opportunity to share the love with your sweetheart. Maybe it’s your first Christmas as a married couple or this is the first time you have your in-laws at your place… in any case, the occasion deserves your best and you want it to be perfect. No stress though: it is not about perfection, it is about being together and celebrating the light and the love.

Yes, we are that romantic. For Christmas’ eve nothing is better than Sweet Orange and Cinnamon essential oils blended together to pervade the room where you will welcome your guests. It will give warmth and joy. As for dinner, add one or two drops of Star Anise: it promotes digestion.

Of course we’re talking about a few drops in water to diffuse the aroma: you can use a tea light in an essential oil burner or a nebulizing diffuser or even an ultrasonic diffuser, if you want to make yourself an extra Christmas gift. On the market there are many kinds, some are even lamps that change color so that you get also some color-therapy and create more light games for Christmas.

What if everything is ready but you’re not, because you got the flu? This is a tricky season for your immune system, but no worries! Eucalyptus essential oil is your best buddy these days: you can add two drops in hot water and breathe the steam in. Just remember to cover your head over with a towel, so that you get all therapeutic benefits from inhalation. You can also use a humidifier in your bedroom so that you breathe better when your nose is stuffed up and get your beauty sleep.

Please always remember that with essential oils less is more: a few drops will do. Here you find some more tips about them. Merry scented Christmas!