3 tips to get your beauty sleep

Style & Beauty tips 24 Aug 2018
3 tips to get your beauty sleep

Did you know that sleeping well is the most powerful, natural and effective way to keep your skin radiant and healthy? When it comes to advice for a night beauty regime, the tips are endless. Let’s narrow it down and focus on the three must-do every woman (and especially next-to-be bride) should consider before going to bed:

1. Make it regular and undisturbed.
Sleep deprivation, going to bed upset, watching tv or your smartphone right before sleeping, even having a heavy dinner too close to the nighty-night moment: any of this is definitely a no-no, dear sleeping beauties! Develop a healthy sleeping routine and stick to it. In order to make your skin recover from your busy day, you need to rest and sleep soundly, otherwise your body will produce cortisol, the stress hormone, that we definitely don’t want when we need to chill out. Translated in beauty language, you decrease the production of collagen, the protein that makes your skin smooth and tonic.

2. Take the day off your face.
Lots of scientific studies have demonstrated that sleeping has a “cosmetic” effect on beauty. The cellular renovation is in fact promoted during nighttime: that’s why cleansing your face before going to sleep is a must! You should also keep your skin hydrated by using a specific night cream, because at night the epidermis is more receptive to the active ingredients of beauty products. Cleanse, moisturize, and wake up in the morning with a brighter color and a more relaxed expression!

3. Keep calm and shape your space.
Flash news: sleeping well helps you to keep your body in shape and your weight under control, because it opposes the infamous nervous eating. Maybe you knew it already, but have you done something about that? The first thing is making your bedroom comfortable: again, switch off all electronic devices, keep the lights dimmed (you could also cover your eyes with a sleep mask) and you might want to use aromatherapy, to improve relaxation and have your beautiful, deserved sleep.

Don’t forget to apply these three tips the night before your wedding! Sleep safe and sound and wake up glowing on your special day.