Bridal beauty for a spring wedding

Style & Beauty tips 8 Apr 2019
Bridal beauty for a spring wedding

Are you looking for inspiration about your wedding make-up? As for Elisabetta Polignano’s creations, perfectly designed to dress every woman’s body and personality, each face is unique and professionals will know exactly what colors and style would bring your face out. That said, here are some clues on the trends of springtime.

1. Make it bloom
Spring means flowers. If your wedding pattern includes pink shades, go for a dusky pink shadow on the eyes, a soft pink lip and rosy-hued petals to decorate a tousled hairdo. It will catch the light and it will be gorgeous, especially if it matches the color of your bouquet.

2. For great photos
Avoid too much color and focus on using natural colors and highlighting products that will give you an effortless glow. For a glossy, chic result, choose liquid concealer and cream blush to last all day long.

3. Orange flavor
A spring trend? Orange lips. It could be a little fierce for the average spring bride, but it is perfect if you want to make a statement on your big day. Team it with fresh, clean skin and a few coats of lengthening (waterproof!) mascara.

4. Black is ok
Surprised? Black liner and smoky eyes are fine on W-day, as it can make your eyes pop perfectly on a sunny spring day. Just go easy on the lip color to not overdo it.

5. Glossy gold
If your hair is loose, take it easy on the lip gloss: you want to avoid a sticky situation. That said, a golden look is trendy: match a slick of that lip gloss with a golden matte bronzer on your cheeks.