Bridal trends of 2020: your personality leads the way

Style & Beauty tips 13 Dec 2019
Bridal trends of 2020: your personality leads the way

Looking for a wedding dress to be wildly successful when getting married next year? You know the trends: romantic lace and embroidery, eye-catching sparkles, floral decorations, colorful patterns. Also jumpsuits and pantsuits though, and hues from the classic white or champagne to the most daring colors.

What you don’t know maybe is that being trendy also means being authentically yourself. Since always this is Elisabetta Polignano’s focus. She designs her creations to fit the bride’s personality, not only her body. Of course top quality should always be the basic: if you pursue a 100% Made In Italy wedding dress, make sure it is made of precious textiles and totally unique in its design.

Each bride has her own voice. You should have the opportunity to let it come out through your wedding gown. There is a little girl within you and she wants to express her dreams. You want to feel free and comfortable in your elegant wedding dress. You want to allow yourself to be sophisticated and traditional, but also creative and self-conscious. Whatever your style and the bridal trends of 2020, be comfortable and happy with who you are.