Holistic tips for a peaceful wedding

Style & Beauty tips 10 Sep 2018
Holistic tips for a peaceful wedding

Where there is love there is no question”, said Yogi Bhajan, Indian yoga master. It makes sense to you and you are planning the most romantic and authentic wedding, aren’t you? Of course you are, and it is the most special day of your life as a couple, the one you will celebrate on and on through the years of life together.

That is the purpose and ultimate meaning of a love ritual of any kind: your hearts blending together and each other’s eyes meeting. Planning a wed shouldn’t be only about schedule, checklists and booking, but also preparing yourself to be the most relaxed bride ever so that you really enjoy that sacred moment, no matter how you are getting married, with a religious ceremony or a civil one. Your wedding vows are a promise of eternal love anyways!

A burned-out bride can’t focus on what is really important, she will get attached to anything that goes right or wrong about the planning. To chill out on those hot days right before the marriage, you could use Bach Flowers: they are not the ones you ordered for the wedding or the reception, they are liquid essences you can take orally in drops. It’s a formula created by Edward Bach, an English doctor who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries. These remedies are totally natural, no side effects at all, and experts say there are specific ones for anything and for anyone. Consult a Naturopath or any therapist specialized in flower remedies to know what is the best remedy for you to calm down, be more centered, regain physical and mental strength or go peacefully through the big change you are about to live as a married woman.

From Mother Nature we also get Aromatherapy: there are some essential oils that have a powerful relaxing effect. They act on the nervous system through smell and you can use them by putting a few drops in water in the diffuser of your choice. You can also dilute them in a carrier oil, such as almond or jojoba, to massage your body.

The most sensitive brides might want to try also Spiritual Coaching! It is becoming more and more popular, also among celebrities. Spiritual coaches are professionals who take care of you at a deep level: their work is close to what Life Coaches do, only it is more focused on how we can bring peace to ourselves when we tap into our inner spirit. Make sure you consult a certified practitioner and remember that a spiritual coach overlooks personal beliefs and never denies your creed if you are religious: she only supports you to go through any challenge with a renewed positive energy based on a deeper knowledge of yourself and your potential.