New winter trends for your hair and beauty

Style & Beauty tips 5 Dec 2018
New winter trends for your hair and beauty

Color, styling, matching make up… what trends are to follow for you hair this season? We asked Mario Condello, Italian hairstylist and make up artist.

“This winter talks about new color shades. It goes from Venetian blonde to cognac, from copper to all red shades – Mario reveals -. The ‘glow-in-the-dark’ effect we had been used to is a no-no: fluo hair is not trendy any longer”. Green light to multi shade manes, “including cognac, for example, and honey. All warm nuances”.

What about the length? “The bob haircut is back, with bangs, an Eighties and Nineties revival” Condello adds. If you have long hair instead, a major trend is to have it gathered but “not casually. It should be put together, fluffy and dramatic”.

The end of 2018 and the first months of 2019 want the colored nail polish to be a must. “Red is always a classic, perfect when matched with the same lip color”, which by the way won’t be glossy anymore but mat instead. “Make up also displays super dramatic shades, colors that pop, a bit glam rock. Absolutely out the ‘smoky eyes’ effect: we go from lilac to red brick, from black to multicolor”.

Mario Condello is part of the team ‘NOI Italian Fashion Style” – also on Instagram and YouTube