It’s a good time to start a wedding beauty routine

Style & Beauty tips 13 Mar 2020
It’s a good time to start a wedding beauty routine

Hallo dear brides-to-be! Despite of this challenging time for the whole world, the spring season is still blossoming. One thing we can all be sure about is that nurturing beauty is always nice and healthy: beauty is everything you already have within and you can bring out on your face too! From the comfort of your home, you can establish a daily beauty routine.

Elisabetta Polignano has always nurtured this idea of beauty, which starts from the soul and personality. No matter when your wedding day is scheduled, it’s always a good time to love yourself and decide to stay healthy: when our bodies function well and our spirit is strong, beauty shines through each pore. Where do we start?

Everyone knows that a daily skin cleansing routine is what brides need way before their wedding day. Actually beauty care starts even earlier and especially from within: an healthy diet as well as a peaceful mind are important too. Fresh fruits and vegetables, less sugars and food rich in vitamins and minerals, fibers and lots of drinking water… This helps to boost your energy, your immune system, cleansing your bowels and leading the way to the most radiant skin ever.

At the same time, stress and worries don’t help. So try to keep yourself far away as much as possibile from that, by practicing yoga, meditation and breath control techniques daily. It is something you can do at home. Stay healthy and take care of your energy and of your inner beauty to look fabulous!