The bigger the city, the cozier the rehearsal dinner

Wedding Planning 24 Sep 2018
The bigger the city, the cozier the rehearsal dinner

Everything is almost ready for Elisabetta Polignano in NYC, the Bridal Fashion Week 2018 almost there. Next 4 October our dear stylist will be in the Big Apple to present her beautiful creations to press and buyers at Domenico Vacca’s club. Big cities can be a very romantic stage for your special day and everything related, such as the rehearsal. There are a few rules about it that we want to share with you, so that you don’t take any faux pas.

New Yorker or not, in case you are planning a city wedding consider to think out of the box for your rehearsal dinner. Meaning that the box is one of those huge venues and you should definitely avoid those! Big cities are full of massive restaurants and humungous event spaces… Duh! Why not play different and go for something a bit cozier to host a one-of-a-kind rehearsal dinner?

You want a relaxed environment to relieve some pre-wedding tension and make your two families feel comfortable. Huge spaces are impersonal: better choosing the one spot so special to you as a couple so that you can share it with your guests. Let’s make a toast to that!
A smaller restaurant is the perfect venue to spend quality time with your dear ones ahead of the big day: deep in your heart you know that, no matter your efforts, you won’t have time for a chat with each of your friends and relatives on the wedding day.

Remember to select a menu that differs from your reception meal to reflect a more informal ambience than the wedding reception. We don’t want to overshadow the wedding tomorrow, do we? This get-together should be a sneak peek, not the main course. You could arrange a simple pre-fixe menu and paired cocktails: something simple but classy.

With the Bridal Fashion Week soon happening in NYC, we can’t help mentioning your wedding dress: surprise everyone the day after the rehearsal with your original made in Italy by Elisabetta Polignano, but do not let you slip a word about that before the day of the ceremony!

Now you’re ready for your pre-wedding soirée. Cheers! Enjoy the city, follow the fashion trends while staying original and let us know how it goes.