Halloween wedding? Don’t be scared, it can be glam!

Wedding Planning 28 Oct 2018
Halloween wedding? Don’t be scared, it can be glam!

The idea of using the macabre holiday as a wedding theme might freak you out, but Halloween can actually result in a tasteful party to celebrate your love.

The secret is to drop any obvious references to the holiday and rather focus on the mystery. The ambience shouldn’t be tacky but rather elegant and sophisticated, inspired by the fall season.

You might choose a historic yet glamorous space for the venue, to convey a feeling of mystery. It could be an old cathedral or a stone castle, for example. The decorations would be on theme, but not too spooky of course: you can choose a color palette that recalls a rustic, autumnal feel or you can go with silver and white to create a glamorous vibe.

At the reception, the guests could find Pumpkin Divine Martinis at the bar as welcoming cocktails (as we learn from Maggiano’s Little Italy, it is vodka mixed with pumpkin butter or puree, simple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg). Lights are pivotal to create a luminescent entrée in the space: you want to use crystal chandeliers, pillar candles in various heights, mirrors… is that the reflection of the bride? How fabulous!

When it comes to food, leave the “trick or treat” alone and please focus on treats only! The seasonal flavor is rich and spicy, perfect to evoke both the Halloween-time and sumptuous weddings. The fare will be warm and hearty, with courses that include pumpkin, apples, pecans, walnuts, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Of course your wedding dress will be perfect, tailored on your body and personality by Elisabetta Polignano… Who knows, maybe you’ll get an ethereal tulle design with a ghostly feel!