How to get your 100% Italian wedding

Wedding Planning 31 May 2019
How to get your 100% Italian wedding

George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Tom Cruise, Woody Allen… so many celebs have chosen to get married in Italy! Question is: can you get such a fabulous wedding too? Yes, you can. Of course getting married in Italy is exotic and awesome, but you don’t need to buy the tickets: you can bring Italy to your nuptials.

From the wedding dress of your dream to the menu and decorations for the reception and even the photos, everything can be planned according to the Italian style. Trust professionals to give you tailored advice and be aware of what is authentic and what is not. Find a caterer specialized in Italian cuisine, choose a wedding photographer who knows the Italian mood and captures the heart of the event, look for a wedding planner who has Italian-themed events in her portfolio.

As for the wedding dress, you can do more than just get something Italian-inspired. Look for an original 100% Made in Italy wedding gown, but be careful: read the tag and, above all, recognize the top quality and style. “When a dress is tailor-made you can trace everything about it: where the fabric comes from, how it is realized” suggests Elisabetta Polignano, whose creations are all and entirely handmade and realized with the finest Italian materials. “The dress envelops your body, naturally following its shape”.

Photo: ‘Tamarice’, from the Vision Collection by Elisabetta Polignano