Made in Italy treats for your guests. That’s Amore!

Wedding Planning 8 Sep 2018
Made in Italy treats for your guests. That’s Amore!

Let’s be honest: the most waited moment of all wedding receptions is the arrival of the cake! The newlyweds hugging in front of the monumental creation in whipped cream, ready to plunge the knife into the sponged layers and the soft custard… people’s eyes bounce from the two lovers to the delicious piece of cake they have been waiting for.

Yes, drooling is part of any great nuptial reception, but not only the cake is worth the wait: all the sweetness that surrounds that moment makes the most exigent gormandizers dream. Would you like to amaze your guests with something both sophisticated and delicious? Bring on the Italian mini pastries, girls!

There are endless specialties you can ask for, each made to delight every palate: a well assorted choice of these bite size desserts will catch your guests at a glance, with all that colorful and variegate display. Which ones shouldn’t you miss at all, though?

Make sure to include cannoli in the first place: the characteristic Sicilian gluttony, filled with sweet ricotta cheese, comes also in the little version (ask for cannolicchi if you want to sound an Italian expert!). In Italy you can also find them filled with chocolate cream, custard, pistachio cream… stop dreaming and back to us!

How about babà? These Italian little calorie bombs look like mushrooms and they are so soft and soaked in rum that they will make your guests drunk of love! Their history has roots in Poland and France also, but they are worldwide recognized as one of the most luscious treats of Naples, Italy. You can find them in the purest version, but also filled or topped with whipped cream or custard.

Another irresistible temptation to enrich your sweet menu is romantic as it sounds: baci di dama, oh dear! Literally lady kisses, they are in fact two itty-bitty hazelnut cookies held together by a layer of dark chocolate cream and they resemble a woman pursued lips or two mouths kissing. The original recipe comes from Tortona, Piedmont, in the northern Italy, and dates back towards the end of the 1800s.

Of course if you want to pursue the quintessentially Italian lead in the dessert area, turn to gelato and go out in style with mini cones! From the fruity flavors to the nutty ones – try hazelnut from Piedmont and Sicilian pistachio, from a little town called Bronte – you can’t go wrong. And if you want to sparkle with love until the very last moment don’t miss the bacio flavor: yes, a kiss again, we never get tired. And obviously it is a glorious blend: chocolate and hazelnut.

You can actually plan an entire Italian cooking themed reception and it will be a success, that’s for sure, but when it comes to the desserts from the Bel Paese… that’s Amore! Maybe they won’t be exactly made in Italy, but you’d better go to an authentic Italian patisserie, because you want the original amazing recipes for your perfect reception.

Find your favorite Italian pocket-sized treats and make us know in the comments below.