Romantic but stressful? Plan a smart wedding

Wedding Planning 27 Aug 2018
Romantic but stressful? Plan a smart wedding

There is a digital tool for everything, even to plan the biggest day of your life as a couple. If you are thinking of a tech-savvy wedding, there are smart possibilities (of course we want to keep it romantic as it is, you won’t get married in virtual reality!): from the planning to the actual nuptials, you and your guests can benefit from these new platforms.

Wedding planning can be a major source of stress and maybe you can’t afford a wedding planner to help you. You might want to make friends with WeddingHappy, a free app that will assist you through your to-dos and will remind you all deadlines such as when to send invites or book your favorite florist, photographer and so on. Then you can also share with your fiancé or anyone involved so that they can access all info.

When it comes to “who sits where” or, better said, “who sits next to whom” the task can be really brain-bending. Did you know there are digital ways to keep track of all the seating plan headache? AllSeated is an online tool that makes a 3-D rendering out of your photo of the venue, so that you can assign the seats with responsibility – because there’s always that one grumpy guest who doesn’t like to be anywhere near the loudspeaker!

You with a green conscience might enjoy an app to send original and unique paperless wedding day invites: google Punchbowl, which allows you to design invitations using photos directly from you phone, send them on the go and also keep track of RSVPs in real time. It is good for the environment and everyone, not only the trees, will love the eco-friendly bride!

Icing on the cake, there is something extra cool we want to share with you: on-demand beauty to your door, no less! Currently available in cities like New York and Los Angeles, it’s a beauty booking app called Vênsette. You can pick the experts who fit your budget and style and choose the perfect hairstyle and make-up that match with your amazing dress by Elisabetta Polignano. Easier than ever, right?