What type of wedding fits you better?

Wedding Planning 11 Mar 2019
What type of wedding fits you better?

Elisabetta Polignano dresses your body and personality, she designs 100% Made in Italy unique wedding gowns with precious textiles that perfectly fit you. What if you want your wedding to fit your personality as well? Here is a list of wedding styles to help you decide.

1. Traditional
If you want something tried and tested, you can’t go wrong with a traditional wedding. It generally takes place in hotels, conference halls, ballrooms. You get the full three course sit down meal, age-old floral arrangements and decorations, and a total white dress of course.

2. Rustic
This is the opposite of a traditional, formal wedding. There is a relaxed, boho vibe, usually in barns, outdoors, or at village halls. You can expect to see vintage or DIY details, bales of hay, wooden pallets, kraft paper and plenty of florals.

3. Industrial
This style is increasing in popularity and it features lots of metal, wire and geometric decorations. You will see a contemporary minimalist styling, which is incredibly versatile.

4. Festival
If you don’t like stereotypes, a festival wedding fits you better. Do what you want with a field you hire out, where there will be lots of color in the form of bunting, streamers, floral patterns and festoon lighting. Think street food style trucks and more than one live band.

5. Destination
This is perfect if you don’t want to get married close to home and dream of a foreign country instead. Consider it will be smaller than traditional weddings, due to the cost involved in transport and accommodation. Anyways, you can always run another reception party back at home.

Source: Bride magazine